Personal page, NA-2017 • Mane Tandilyan
Mane V. Tandilyan
Nominated in #1 Electoral District - Avan, Nor Nork, Kanaker-Zeytun. 

 August 16, 2017

In the interview with, Mane Tandilyan, a member of Yelq faction, assured, that the process has not been suspended after members of the bloc have announced about withdrawal from the EAEU, it has just slowed down due to the political season. 
 April 12, 2017

YEREVAN, Armenia – This month, American University of Armenia (AUA) alumna Mane Tandilyan (MBA ’02) was elected to the Armenian National Assembly as a representative of the Yelq Alliance, where she will assume office on April 27. Ms. Tandilyan will leave her current position as the Deputy Financial Controller at Synopsys Armenia, one of the largest IT firms in the country.
 April 08, 2017

CivilNet speaks with the newly elected member of parliament, Mane Tandilyan about what she plans to do once in the National Assembly. We talk corruption, injustice and how she plans to gain the trust of the people. 
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