Bright Armenia faction proposes having 14 ministries, having parliamentary control over all executive structures
March 27, 2019
Bright Armenia faction proposes alternative option to the structural changes in the government. With it the faction offers having 14 ministries and 3 deputy prime ministers.

Speaking to the reporters, head of the faction Edmon Marukyan said the structural changes have been offered stemming from the principle that they must eliminate the super premiership and authorize the parliament to have control over the executive power.

“We offer the government a variant where the PM, the government will not have subordinated bodies. All the structures will be included in the main structure of the government. This will solve the parliamentary control issue and the issue of having parliamentary country,” Marukyan said.

The faction offers preserving the ministries of agriculture and culture and put the responsibilities of Diaspora minister on one of the deputy PMs which will also allow parliamentary control over the body as deputy premier is also accountable before the parliament.

“A country with the 16% of its GDP being formed from the agricultural sector cannot close the ministry of agriculture. It will be wrong,” he said, adding that the argument as if it worked bad previously is unacceptable as it is possible to keep it and work normally.

With the presented option it is also suggested making the National Security Service a ministry and unite police with the Emergency Situations Ministry naming it Home Affairs Ministry. It is also offered to rename the Justice Ministry into Legal Affairs Ministry and join the State Revenue Committee with Finance Ministry.

Marukyan noted that the prepared draft has been sent to the government today and will be available online too.

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